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The owners of Harris Carpet Cleaning are Bryan and Julie Harris. Bryan and Julie were born and have spent their lives in San Diego County and love meeting other locals who contact Harris Carpet Cleaning for their services. Starting their own carpet cleaning business in 1985 has allowed Bryan and Julie make life long friends and clients, has allowed Julie to work at home and raise their 5 kids, gave their oldest sons their first job, and has allowed them to live in a perfect community to raise a family and enjoy living close to extended family, the beach, and more. The Harris Family are very grateful for their lifetime clients and those who have used their services.

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How often should you get your carpets cleaned?

Though you may be able to tell by looking at your carpets when they need to be professionally cleaned, how often should you get your carpets cleaned? Obviously it depends on the amount of traffic and how sensitive you or your household are to pollutants such as dust and dirt. Pets are also a huge factor in how often you shouldcarpet-100087_1280 get your carpets cleaned as they often track in dirt and other pollutants after their trips outside.

It is a general rule that everyone get their carpets cleaned at least once a year, but this is for those of you who have very low traffic in your house. If you have pets or children included in your household, consider having your carpets cleaned every 6-8 months, or possibly sooner if you have extremely heavy traffic in your home. Using our method of carpet cleaning is environmentally safe and will not leave your home or your carpets with a chemical smell. Our method also is proven to be one of the top ways to kill dust mites, mold, and other things that may be living and growing in your carpet.

Why should I get my carpets professionally cleaned?

There are many reasons why you should get your carpets professionally cleaned. Here are just a few to consider:

Keep up the warranty on your carpets – One reason is that most carpet companies require you to get your carpets cleaned by a professional to keep up the warranty on the carpets you purchased from them for your home. Cleaning the carpets yourself by vacuuming or by any other method will not be considered by carpet manufactures and failing to get your carpets cleaned professionally will nullify your warranty.

baby-923854_1280Air Quality – You might wonder how your carpets have anything to do with the quality of air in your home, however carpets release pollutants when walked on, vacuumed, and more and it is important that you get your carpets cleaned once or twice a year to help with the air quality in your home. While you are having your carpets professionally cleaned, you should also have your furniture cleaned as well as your couches and other similar furniture pieces can also release pollutants when used. This is especially important if you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies.

Ensure that your carpets last longer – If you get your carpets cleaned regularly, it is proven that they will last longer than someone who never has their carpets cleaned. Bringing in a professional carpet cleaner will also help you fix tears or other damage in your carpets before they pass the point of repair. If you have damaged carpets, call us at (760) 630-6246 to repair the carpets as soon as possible to ensure that there is no further damage.

Improve your home – The cleanliness of your carpets plays a huge roll in how your home looks. You may have the best decor pieces and furniture, but if your carpets are a mess it may take away from your other belongings. Be sure to have your carpets cleaned at least once a year to improve the look of your whole house.

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What can I do to put off having my carpets cleaned?

It is recommended that you vacuum twice a week to remove dirt and other things that are on the surface level of your carpets. This will keep your carpets looking clean and will help your carpets last longer. Be sure to take your time when vacuuming yourself, allowing your vacuum time to suck up all the unwanted things in your carpet. Other simple things will help you hire us once or twice a year include taking your shoes off before going on your carpets, wearing socks or slippers to reduce oils and sweat from getting on the carpet, and possibly gating off your pets lego-457163_1280from your carpeted area.


DIY Steam Cleaners

Why can’t you just rent or buy a steam cleaner and clean your carpets yourself? These steamers are good for emergency situations when we cannot come out soon enough. However, be careful using the solution included in these rented steam cleaners as many are known to have harmful chemicals you don’t want in your house or on your carpets. Also make sure you read the reviews of the companies you rent these steamers from, as many do not clean their steamers between uses. In this case you may be transferring someone else’s house worth of pollutants to yours. As stated above, this is a good emergency option. And in case of emergency just use water and a small amount of vinegar. These DIY steam cleanings should not replace your regular professional carpet cleaning.

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