Carpet Cleaning

Service fee & first room $65.00 and $20.00 for every room thereafter, $20.00 staircases. Prices do vary depending on the size of the home or building, Please call for a quote at 760-630-6246!

Furniture Cleaning

Save money and the hassle of picking out new furniture by cleaning up what you have! Furniture cleaning is also essential if you’ve inherited a new couch or have just found an amazing deal on a pair of recliners on Craigslist. Getting your furniture cleaned can help your furniture last longer and look years newer! Please call for a quote at 760-630-6246.

Pet Deodorizingdog-731979_1280

We are a dog and cat loving family, and we know that your pets can leave stains, smells, and hair all over your carpets and furniture. We have used our tried and true method for over 20 years and are experts at getting pet odors out of your carpets and furniture!

Floor and Grout Cleaning

Not only do we work with carpets, but we also can get your tiles and grout to look like new! Getting your grout cleaned is an easy way to help your house look brighter and newer and is much cheaper than investing in new flooring! Please call Harris Carpet Cleaning for a free quote at 760-630-6246!

Carpet Repairs

Most people look at tears and damaged carpet and think that it will force them to have to purchase all new flooring. Make sure before you bite the bullet that you contact your local carpet cleaning and repair expert, Bryan Harris, to come see if your carpet can be saved.